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Top 10 Cleaning Tips

Updated: Jul 4, 2018

domestic cleaning bottle
Top 10 Cleaning Tips

· Don’t try and clean the whole house in one go, do one room at a time. Make life easier.

· Clean the windows, more light comes in and makes the room look bright.

· Buy soda crystals, they are cheap and are a great cleaning product, from removing limescale to unblocking the sink.

· Use micro fibre clothes, much better than an old yellow duster.

· Look up! Spiders are out in force and a long feather duster will pick up those cob webs.

· Cillit Bang mould spray works! If you have any black or pink mould in the bathroom, spray it on and leave it for an hour or two, just rinse off and the mould has gone.

· Change the filters on your vacuum cleaner and empty it regularly, the suction will be much better and they will work more efficiently. Better still get a Vax Air, only £89.99 on Amazon at the moment and they are fantastic.

· Use a leather cleaner on a leather settee, it moisturises it and makes a big difference.

· Clean skirting with warm water and soda crystals, you’ll be amazed by how much they’ll shine.

· Vacuum under, around and in radiators, they hold a mass of dust.

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