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Deep Cleans Carmarthen

One off cleans

Our comprehensive deep cleans range from a spring clean. to give your home a freshen up, to an end of tenancy or pre moving in clean. We also perform deep cleans after you’ve had work or decorators in your home.


The only thing that each one off deep clean has in common is the need for us to assess the work you need so that we can give you an accurate and in depth work schedule and price.

Household deep clean

Our household deep clean will help you to get back on top of running your home, helping you to feel good in your environment as every part of your home, from under and behind movable furniture and from ceiling to floor, is freshened up and cleaned.


We leave your kitchen spotless and hygienic, degreasing tops of wall units, inside cupboards, worktops, doors, floors, kickboards and skirting. And although we can’t deep clean cookers and fridges, traditionally the kitchen takes up the most time of a household deep clean.


Bathrooms sparkle as we deep clean and remove moulds and lime scale on toilets, sinks, taps, showers and baths, as well as cleaning down walls, tiles, skirting and floors.


The standard of our deep clean is second to none, a comprehensive and thorough clean that won’t be rushed as each room ends up looking bright and inviting, we will clean internal windows, furniture, floors, walls and ceilings, and when you leave us in your house to perform a deep clean, our team makes sure you come back to a completely uplifted home.


But of course we understand that this type of clean can feel a bit intrusive, so we need to make sure that you are comfortable with such an intervention. So care, discretion and sensitivity is paramount to our house cleaning service, and gaining your trust is an important part of the process.


This is why it is important that Victoria visits you in your own home and explains to you what we can do as well as listening to you explain what sort of clean you need.

In this way she can tailor the clean to fit your needs and budget, and as we provide all the chemicals and equipment, once you have agreed with the extent of the clean as well as the time and the cost, there is absolutely nothing left for you to prepare or worry about.

End of tenancy cleans

Our end of tenancy cleans leaves rental properties looking, feeling and smelling clean, as we degrease, de-dirt and de-dust each room from top to bottom.


If you are a tenant leaving a property then an end of tenancy clean will leave your rental property in a state that your landlord will be happy with, which of course helps to guarantee the repayment of your bond.


For landlords left with a dirty property we can help to protect your investment by performing a clean that will make your property more inviting to new tenants, making the process of renting your property out again happen much more quickly.


Or if you are moving into a new property and you just wanted to start of your new life in your property without the evidence of the previous occupants, this type of clean would be perfect for you.

After build cleans

Enjoy the improvements that you have made to your home, as we remove the dust caused by tradesmen and decorators.


Skilled builders and decorators are not necessarily skilled cleaners, and if you wish to clean up after builders, either for yourselves or in preparation for painters, we can carry out a comprehensive after build clean to remove the dust that home improvements unavoidably creates.


If you would like to book an appointment to discuss a deep clean with us, we can go through your requirements, assess the work needed and give you an accurate estimate of the time and cost of the project.


You can either ring Victoria or John on 01267 674873, or use the button below to fill out our online contact form and we shall get back to you as soon as possible.

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