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Domestic Cleaning Carmarthen

Trustworthy Cleaners

Our domestic cleaning is available for weekly or fortnightly cleans, and as Victoria selects your cleaner specifically for your clean, you will have the same person calling with you each week. This will help you to build a relationship with your cleaner and feel more comfortable with someone in your home.

To give you peace of mind, before our cleaners are able to join Carmarthen Cleaning Service we ask them to register for a DBS certificate, so that we can check their background before we offer them any cleaning contracts.


We also check their references and monitor their first cleans with us to ensure that their standards are at the level that you would expect.

We are certain that you will see a positive lift in your home, as everyone we work with will do their utmost to add that shine to your rooms, and because they cleaners are all self-employed and are responsible for their own income, it is in their interest to keep the quality of their work as high as possible.

With Company Protection

All Carmarthen Cleaning Service cleaners work under the umbrella of our business, so that in the unlikely event of mishaps, you will have the peace of mind that they each are covered with a comprehensive public liability insurance.

Also, at times of holidays or sickness we will do our best to arrange a replacement cleaner for you, to help you stay on top of running your home.

And of course, if things go wrong, we can liaise on your behalf to sort out any problems you may have, or if needs be, find you a replacement cleaner.

If you would like Victoria to come and have a chat about your domestic cleaning needs, then use the button on your right to send us an enquiry.


Or ring Victoria or John on 01267 253502.

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